Electroplating Of Zn-Ni Alloy Coating for Better Corrosion Protection

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This book titled "Electroplating Of Zn-Ni Alloy Coating for Better Corrosion Protection" is about developing a broad approach to improve the corrosion resistance property of Zn-Ni alloy coating on mild steel (MS) by economical but advanced multilayer coating technique. The essential feature of these coatings is their tailored micro/nano structured layers of appropriate compositional difference that promotes good material properties and enhances corrosion performance to great extent. The project involves the optimization of the Zn-Ni alloy coating by sulphate bath using direct current (DC) and Multilayer coating using different current pulses. For comparison purpose, all depositions were carried out galvanostatically on MS from the bath for 10 minutes. The corrosion behaviors of the coatings were evaluated in 5% NaCl solution by different electrochemical techniques. The surface morphology, composition and phase structure of the coatings were characterized by SEM, EDX and XRD methods. The results revealed that Zn-Ni coatings developed using square and triangular current pulses exhibit better corrosion resistance compared to monolayer, developed from same bath for same time.


Ramesh Bhat


Dr. Ramesh Bhat is currently working as an Associate Professor in Department of Chemistry, NMAMIT, Nitte, Karnataka. He has a total 15 years of teaching and research experience. His research interest includes Electroplating, Multilayer coatings, Nano coatings, Corrosion inhibition. He published more than 20 research articles in reputed Journals.


A. Chitharanjan Hegde


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Multilayer coating, XRD, codeposition, partial current densities

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SCIENCE / Chemistry / General