Analysis Of Alternating Current Machines

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This is an intermediate level textbook on electrical machines it is intended for B.Sc. courses for student of electrical engineering.The book is flexible enough for the subject of electrical machinery,which once formed the core of electrical engineering for B.Sc. and higher Diploma courses must now constitute a more modest portion of the course so that more time may be devoted to covering the vast range of developments in other fields. The situation is not without advantages. It has simulated through on means of rationalizing the theory to emphasis the unity under lying the behavior of the numerous different types of machine. For those with a flair for mathematics. generalized treatments have been and are being developed which are very satisfying in their results. By considering the electrical machine as a combination of inductively coupled coils, the inter connection of which determines the characteristic machine behavior an all embracing theory has been approached. Since machine windings are the means by which theory is translated in to practice, it has been considered necessary to devote one chapter to them. It themselves they form a unifying link between different machines.


Abdul Jabbar Fathel Ali


1. Head of Electrical Department from 1989-2003 in FTE.2. Head of Electrical and Communication Department in FTE. 2009.3. Dean of institute of technology / Amara.4. Head of Electrical Engineering Department in College of Engineering / Wasit University. 5.Dean of Engineering College / Wasit University.6.Participated in Designing Towers.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


AC.Machines, Induction motor, Armature Winding, Synchronous Machines, Special Machines.

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SCIENCE / Electricity