A novel supramolecul: Calixresorcinarene

Synthesis and applications of calixresorcinarene

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Progress made in chemistry of calixresorcinarene by almost all the research groups in terms of their synthesis, conformational behavior, functionalization, cavitands and capsules, monolayers, the formation of complexes, host-guest systems, and their applications has been comprehensively reviewed. The chemistry of calixresorcinarenes has been established to the extent that the field is now ready to extend an open invitation to all researchers who are already working on any monofunctional group, chelating moiety or non-conventional molecular attractive force, and who wish to explore the effects of those moieties when present collectively. By using calixresorcinarenes, they can functionalize at 2 to 16 available sites with the moiety or functionality of their choice by manipulating the reagent and reaction conditions. It is of great interest to study the effects of putting a large number of the same or different functional groups into a single molecule or macrocycle (e.g., calix[4]resorcinarene). Certainly, it will exhibit some extra binding properties, which have yet to be discovered, when compared to a monofunctionalized molecule or macrocycle.


Parin Kanaiya


Dr. Parin Kanaiya, Completed Ph.D. in the subject of Calixresorcinarene, from Chemistry Department, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. Presently working with GSFC University-Vadodara as an Assistant Professor for Chemistry. Worked with Sal Engineering and Technical Institute, Ahmedabad. Also worked with Transpek- Silox Industry Ltd. Vadodara.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Supramolecule, Calixresorcinarene, complexation, Host-Guest Chemistry

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SCIENCE / Chemistry / General