Design Proposal for Senate Building with Emphasis on Solar Energy

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Many organizations and industries around the world have their own preference for office type base on the nature of services to be rendered. Since Senate building is the administrative setting of every university in the world, it stands as a unique structure in the university which symbolizes power and authority, is the focal point of the institution, hence it is designed to make wayfinding easier compare to other buildings in the university. Senate building is an office building, it should be designed to cater for activities that take place in office design which could either be opened office layout design or closed office layout design, Office building without employee's satisfaction can adversely affect their performances at their places of work, this makes office design imperative to employers and architects alike. Open office is an office that has large open space with no partitionable walls but providing a workstation for each employee within the open space while the close office is the type with solid walls or frames as partitions with doors which open to each office.


Barka Kwaya Jonathan


Arc Barka Jonathan Kwaya obtained his masters of Architecture degree from Federal University of Technology Minna in the year 2014, Registered with Architectural Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON), and currently a Senior Architect with Adamawa State Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Yola.

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office building, Open Office, Close office, solar energy and photovoltaic.

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