Production of radioisotopes in reactors with a hard neutron spectrum

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A lead research reactor of a small thermal power, of the order of 20–25 MW, can be built in future, and will provide the necessary medical radioisotopes and, at the same time, accumulate experience with metal fuel and heavy lead coolant. Perhaps this goal was set by the author when writing this book. The book describes the design of a hard lead reactor with a capacity of 25 MW, and based on the calculated hard neutron flux densities, estimates of those activities are given, in Curie units, that can be expected when irradiating light targets, Z <40, in the core of such a hypothetical reactor.


Georgy Levanovich Khorasanov


Georgy Levanovich Khorasanov - PhD, Senior Scientist, works at the Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering of the Research Nuclear University. Author of the book "High-flux lead reactors with average neutron energies up to 1 MeV", published by Lambert Academic Publishing RU, 2018, 45 p. Some works are presented at www.reserchgate.net/

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


производство медицинских радиоизотопов, свинцовый ядерный реактор, жесткий спектр нейтронов, рroduction of radioisotopes, hard lead reactor, hard neutron spectrum

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SCIENCE / Nuclear Physics