Investigation of Lithium Ferrite and Vanadium Doped Lithium Ferrite

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Nanomaterials ferrites have applications in making permanent magnets, magneto optic displays, microwave absorbers, high density information devices, colour imaging etc. In the present investigation lithium ferrite and lithium vanadium ferrite are synthesized by sol-gel process. The x-ray diffraction results show that the structure of lithium ferrite and vanadium doped lithium ferrite are monoclinic structure. The average particle size of lithium ferrite is 22nm and vanadium doped lithium ferrite is 29nm are calculated by Scherer formula. The lattice parameters and dislocation density (δ) are calculated from XRD data. Strain (ε) values are evaluated from Williamson–Hall plot. The FT-IR study reveals the formation of ferrites showing the significant absorption bands. The VU-VIS spectroscopic data are used to calculate direct and indirect optical band gap (Eg) by using Tauc plot at the edge of the absorption band. They are determined to be 1.57eV &1.71eV, 1.01eV&1.01eV for lithium ferrite and lithium vanadium ferrite respectively. The energy dispersive x-ray analysis spectra showed that the expected elements exist in the material.


S Malathi


S.Malathi obtained Master of Science in Physics and Master of Philosophy at Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore. She also completed Bachelor of Education in Physical Science. She has published papers in International Journals and Conferences. Herarea of interest includes nano technology and solid state physics.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Sol-gel synthesis, X-Ray diffraction analysis, FT-IR analysis

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SCIENCE / Chemistry / Physical & Theoretical