Trends in Social and Political History in Okun-Yoruba Land to 1960

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Okun Yoruba Land located in North Central Part of Nigeria is a minority polity. As a result of this, it does not attract serious academic attention from Researchers, as result there is a dearth of Historical Knowledge about the people. This work is an attempt to bring into lime-light the History and Political developments that occurred in this area between 1840-1960. 1840 is very paramount to the history of the Okun-Yoruba People because that was the year the influence of Nupe Oligarchy occurred in the area which lasted till 1987. Between 1900-1960, the British Colonial Rule was in place. In this work, all the developments that occurred during the British colonialsm of Northern Nigeria in general are highlighted and how these affected social and political economic development in Okun Land are brought to fore; thereby bringing the History of a minority people to public awareness during the period under review. It is hoped that this little effort shall add to our knowledge about the History and Culture of a people that had been so long neglected. I hope that this effort will add to the knowledge of our history of the Okun-Yoruba People of North Central Nigeria.


Olabode Oshadare


Dr. Oshadare Olabode Timothy was born in Kabba, Kabba province of Northern Nigeria. He was educated at St. Andrews' Primary School Kabba 1966-1972, He went to St. Barnabas' Secondary School Kabba 1973-1977. Had his first and Second degrees' at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria 1985 and 1990 respectively. He has a Ph.D in History at KSU Anyigba Nig.

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domination, colonialism, Political Development

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