Probability and Statistics: Inference, Causal and Stochastic Analysis

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STATISTICS (Statistical Science) can be briefly described as the science of problem solving and decision making based on data, being observed in all the sciences of humanity, in governments and corporate bodies. Statistical methods essentially reveal important information and knowledge in data sets monitored in application domains such as quality and process control, business governance, supply chain management, urban traffic management, industrial manufacturing and public health. DATA ANALYTICS is a series of texts that provide the essential concepts, statistical methods and practical approaches for problems in sciences, engineering and technology. The main point is to develop Statistical Science-based solutions in specific areas of engineering and technology, in the context of sustainable economic development. The book is written to honestly convey basic probabilistic models and statistical methods to readers in sectors of computing, industry, engineering, production, management, environmental and actuarial sciences. Hopefully the book is a good support for students and professionals, who are finding practical solutions, or making optimal decisions using actual observed data.


Man Nguyen


Born 1969 in Vietnam, Man VM. Nguyen got a Ph.D. in Mathematical Quality Engineering and Algebraic Statistics (TUe, 2005), financed by the STW foundation, Netherlands. Working at Mahidol University, his research interests include Statistical Inference; Industrial Statistics, Experimental Designs, Probabilistic Modeling and Operations Research.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


probability distributions, Hypothesis testing, Statistical inference, causal analysis, Poisson process, queuing theory, Simulation, stochastic analysis, Linear regression

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