Ancient Indian Knowledge: Implications To Education System

Relocating Ancient Indian Knowledge in School Curriculum

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India has humongous knowledge in-store in each and every field from Arts and Philosophy to Astronomy since ancient times. Sadly, the educational importance of this ancient wisdom in the modern times has not received due acknowledgement in its own name. To mention few remarkable aspects of ancient Indian knowledge is that of solar system, it was described in 2nd century BC. in ancient Vedic scriptures before Copernicus proposed it in 1543 AD. Likewise structure of heart was described in Yajurveda in 2nd century BC, before William Harvey discovered it in 1578 AD. In 21st century classroom, imparting of this information has dissipated from the scholastic references and teachings in schools. Hence, names like Einstein, Newton etc. are more familiar to them than Aryabhata, Panini etc. The present study is to put forward the facts of contribution made by Indians which was otherwise not given proper cognizance. The findings of this study provide a base for making changes in the current textbooks taught in school to acquaint students with great Indian ancient scientists without whose contributions there would have been complete absence of foundation to build further scientific development.


Boski Singh


The author is currently a Research Associate in UGC- CAS, pursuing her Ph.D. in Teacher Education and is a UGC-JRF. She has a strong academic background in Teaching, Education Management & Sociology. She has been a gold medalist in her B.Ed. & M.M.S. (Education). She has also presented research papers in several National & International Conferences

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