An investigation into the increase of murder-suicide cases in Jamaica

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One of the most noticeable components of the recent years (2014-present) of social change in Jamaica is the increases in the murder/suicide rates. Many persons view this as an indication of ethical and social disruptions with an imminent to damage the foundations of society itself. While there is a growing body of knowledge on murder/suicides in relation to the perpetrators and the factors that contribute to the act; we know very little about the insecure attachment in the early development of these men and how it contributes to the increase in the murder/suicide rates within the security forces in Jamaica. The purpose of the research was to garner social practitioners’ and security forces’ perceptions toward the issue of murder/suicide. Additionally, to investigate whether insecure attachment experienced in their early development influences or contribute to this form of domestic violence and murder and then examine how security forces perceive themselves, relationships, expectations and work environment. Lastly, to add to the limited literature in this specific area.


Monique Lynch


Monique A. Lynch is a Programme Coordinator at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus in Jamaica. She is also a woman of God, Youth Ambassador, Entrepreneur, Mental Health Advocate and author. She has published 3 books so far, a few articles and has co-authored a book & book chapter. She is passionate about youth & community development.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


murder-suicide, security forces perpetrators, insecure attachment, Gender-based violence, behavioral characteristics

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