Transmission Dynamics Analysis of Anthrax in Animal population

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Anthrax is a fatal disease that affects both human and animal population. Anthrax is transmitted in three modes:inhalation,ingestion and contact. Carcasses from infected animals must be disposed carefully to prevent further transmission. Vaccination has proven to be one method of fighting transmission of anthrax. Constant vaccination of animals periodically can ensure minimal infections. Wen the basic reproductive ratio is less than one, we have disease free equilibrium and the disease can be eradicated from the animals.If greater than one, we have endemic equilibrium and the disease can not be eradicated. Graphics in chapter 4 give illustrations on parameter values used in this book. In chapter 5, we have recommended the book to Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.


George Githire


The author started his primary education in 1977; later joined secondary education in 1984. He attended A-levels education in 1988. He holds Diploma in education science and Bachelor of education science from (KU) Kenya. In 2019, he graduated with Masters degree (Applied Mathematics) from Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Anthrax, Vaccination, SIR model, disease free equilibrium, endemic equilibrium, reproductive ratio

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SCIENCE / Horticulture