In Vitro Propagation of Sugarcane (Sacharrum Officinarum L.) Genotypes

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This book has prepared from an experimental result of sugarcane tissue culture, it contains all paper preparation content. Tissue culture is a collection of techniques to grow plant cells, tissues and organs under sterile conditions. It is also known as in vitro culture; an example is micro propagation, in which a small piece of plant tissue is used to generate a whole plant. This technique is highly adopted in horticulture and forestry to allow rapid production of new, superior variety of offspring besides land/space and time saving through direct and indirect methods using different parts of plants such as shoot tip, leaf, meristem, buds, seed etc.


Belete Getnet


I was from Gondar, Ethiopia, and born in 1988. I have got Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology at University of Gondar, and Master of Science in Plant Biotechnology at Jimma University. I have been done on tissue culture more for academic award and regular research, and also have an experience on field experiment works in variety selection breeding

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


apical meristem, BAP, Multiplication, NAA, Rooting, table sugar

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SCIENCE / Genetics