An investigation into the factors that characterize a healthy marriage

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Marriage has increasingly become the focus of academic research within the past fifty years. Much of this research has attempted to unearth the contributing factors of unsuccessful marriages. Considerable research has established that particular characteristics have a positive impact upon marital quality and that marital distress often results from the failure of partners to resolve personal characteristics differences. A marriage establishment should comprise of a common set of core values between the partners or a set of shared interests, values and passions that can connect the partners together permanently. The preparation for the marital relationship can increase positive personal characteristics and skills as well as attitudes towards marriage that then contribute to the likelihood of a successful and healthy union. Marriages fail to reach the goals that the partners thought they were pushing to achieve without those perceptions. Breakdown of marriages has several key effects on the persons involved in these legal dissolution of marriage. The purpose of this book is to encourage those who are already married and help prepare individuals who are planning to get married.


Geovanni Franklin


Geovanni is currently a Research Assistant at the University of the West Indies. He is graduate of the Northern Caribbean University and the Mico University College where he pursued his masters of science degrees in Counselling. He has been involved in every aspect of research process and is currently working on several research projects.


Monique Lynch


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Marriage, Jamaica, healthy relationship, Strategies, trust, communication, Fidelity, sexual roles, Conflict resolution, lack of domestic violence, shared goals.

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