Analysis Of Adiponectine Levels In Obese Adolescents

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Given that obesity is an inflammatory condition that is chronic and the tendency of adolescents are obese are at risk of suffering from diseases caused by metabolic disorders, such as diabetes and coronary heart disease at an early age, the study is intended to determine whether the inflammatory process characterized by low levels of adiponectin as anti-inflammatory has been started since adolescence, particularly in adolescents who are obese. This study used a sample of teens apart because it is youth transitions are also due to the limited scope of the study. The previous study in adults with obesity have shown low levels of adiponectin, but for obese adolescents with no data on it. Moreover, the absence of typical clinical features that can be checked to determine a process of inflammation, then one way to find out is by examination of serum adiponectin levels. Catholic High School Eagles Makassar election as a research based because private schools have a level of prevalence of obesity in adolescents is high enough.


Ami Febriza


I am Ami Febriza, a senior lecturer in University of Muhamadiyah Makassar, Indonesia.

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Adiponectin, Obese, inflammation, Adolescents

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