Ethnomedicinal Plants

Ethnomedicinal plants used for Respiratory Diseases

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The Ethnobotany of medicinal plants is known as ‘Ethnomedicine’. The importance, scope and implication of ethno medicine have been expending throughout the world at a very fast rate. The Ethnomedicine studies have shown their relevance in search for new herbal drug for human health. The medicinal properties of plant species have made on outstanding contribution in the origin and evolution of many traditional herbal therapies. Over the past few years, however, the medicinal plants have regained a wide recognition due to an escalating faith in herbal medicine in view of its lesser side effects compared to allopathic medicine.Our major objectives therefore were to explore the potential in medicinal plant resources, to understand the challenges and opportunities with the medicinal plant sector, and also to suggest recommendation based upon the present state of knowledge for the establishment and smooth functioning of the medicinal plants sector along with improving the living standard of the underprivileged communities.


Zareen Baksh


Dr. Zareen Baksh is an Asst. Professor in Department of Education, St. Aloysius college, Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh. She has a more than 14 years Teaching Experience. She has published 12 research paper and article in National and International Journals. She has also participated in numerous National and International Seminars, Conferences, workshop.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


ETHNOMEDICINAL PLANTS, respiratory diseases, tribals, Jabalpur District.

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SCIENCE / Botany