Synergetics and fractality of the information systems

Self-organization, self-organized structures, intellectual materials and information technology

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The information environments and formation of self-organized fractal structures in them are considered. The peculiarity of the monograph is connected with the presented researches of the self-organization processes and fractality for various informational complementary systems such as non-crystalline and intellectual materials, structured liquids, information & communication systems. The main emphasis is placed on the common nature of the formation processes, the influence of external factors (cooling rate, irradiation, random noise) on micro, nanoscale effects. The fractality of the lifetime for self-organized structures is established and investigated, which is essential for the implementation of hypersensibility in information processing systems on their basis. Shown is the possibility of the implementation obtained results on the study of physical processes in the structuring and integrity of the information systems. This book may be useful and interesting for the specialists in the field of research the self-organized structures, their involvement in solving educational, environmental, and other problems, as well as for non-ordinary readers who seek to expand their worldview.


Mykhaylo Mar'yan


M. Mar'yan, DrSc, Prof., N. Yurkovych, PhD, Ass Prof., Department of Solid-State Electronics & Information Security, Uzhgorod National University, Ukraine. Scientific focus on the researches of self-organization processes in the systems of different nature and innovative technologies for addressing informational, environmental problems are placed.


Nataliya Yurkovych


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Fractality Information Effect, Hyper Sensibility, Information & Communication Systems, Intellectual Materials, micro, Nano Level Structuring, non-crystalline state, Object-Oriented Modeling, Self-Organized Structures, synergetics

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