Absolutely Done

A tale of action, adventure, comedy and redemption

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What if Death as we know of it takes a brief pause? What if Death too becomes weary of his duties? In his place he accords the privilege of stepping into his shoes other dark Angels who have to learn the trade of grim reaping. Absolute, a rebel Angel is recruited for the unenviable task of stepping into the Grim Reaper’s shoes for the time being. Absolute wants for nothing of this world, but the divine right of earning his keep as a competent enforcer of order in a world wracked by chaos & greed. An Angel serves his God not only by saving, at times he too must kill to even up the scales of crime & retribution. Presented in frame after frame of action interspersed with humour, Absolute’s adventures lead him to bloodshed, discovery & personal triumph. In his role as the Angel of Death, Absolute is determined in an unpleasant trade, finds ample room for his mischievous wit while being thorough in his execution of duty.


Dominae Primus


Dominae Primus alias Wong Li Ming has been a commercial content writer since 2000. Her creative compositions are mainly non fiction reflections on existence and poetry while occasionally dabbling in fiction. Other literary works are available for free download from Project Gutenberg under the name Dom.

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absolutely, done, action, adventure, mythology, angels, devils, Humour, humor, good, evil, absolutely done

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