Black Tiger

Bullet Agency

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Keira killed her cheating boyfriend and her best friend out of anger. The police are looking for her everywhere and she has no place to hide or run. When she is about to turn herself in, a young man appears and convinces her to accompany him to a large agency outside the city. Since that day, she has been trained as a secret agent in exchange of her protection from the authorities and the laws. This is where she meets the people who will change her life and most importantly, their best agent, a mysterious man whose eyes are as dark as the night and his appearance as charismatic and gracious as a feline. They call him the Black Tiger.


Asmaà Benkirane


Asmaà Benkirane was born in Casablanca in 1997. After her high school graduation she moved to Barcelona. She is now studying Clinical and Biomedical Laboratory.She started writing fanfictions on internet in 2016 and now she has just finished her novel “Black Tiger”, a novel exploring betrayal and the world of secret agents reparing past mistakes.

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JustFiction Edition


secret agent, Romance, betrayal, Revenge

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FICTION / General