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If Demi has a semi in Beckham, is it a manifestation of Ialdabaoth, the devil-worshiping Mason's demi-urge? First Foot doesn't mind Tolkien Turkey, and asks the question: was Traci Lords of the Rings? It's 12" to the Foot as a rule, and despite Jennifer Aniston's wearing a tie for the cover of January 2009's GQ, it's still not Ted. Looking with retro spectacles at Spice Girls, First Foot said, 'Look at the brains on that!' God goes down like a lead balloon with Led Zeppelin, and Pam Anderson is voted by women as 'The 20th Century's A Bit O' Me'. It's Rock `n` Roll, and First III Foot only stones adulterers it doesn't like.What's Rob Lowe doing on a plane with the 9/11 terrorists, apart from researching his role as Middle Number Two in Goldmember (2002)? All this and more as the Foot's shoe-horned in as it boots up. Why's a plum voiced Englishman hired as a GB proper gander, and the director has 'chippy' Miley Cyrus put in a cage, if 'Can't Be Tamed' (2010) isn't aimed by the KGB? Who ate Madeleine McCann? First III Foot rubber necks with the rest to see if Jo Guest could always see her friends going in and out all the time from where her head was at in the 1970s - and behind ...


Robin Bright


Only Member of the Science Fiction Writers Association (SFWA) to beregistered in Hungary in 2013. Lifetime Member of the Full GospelBusinessmen's Fellowship International (FGBMFI). Isten áldja meg a Magyarot.

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JustFiction Edition


Science Fiction criticism, SF journalism, scifi commentary, dystopia, action, hero, fantasy, Time travel, biological warfare, Alternative History

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FICTION / Science Fiction / General