Baby MAP: A Play


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Toddling, MAP`s plainly irritated by the necessity of having to crawl from place to place and, occasionally, 'toddle', pulling himself up by means of some strong upright piece of furniture, or other of the fixtures and fittings within the small family's domicile, before staggering a few paces to another such convenient 'post' from which to monitor and gauge his chances of making further ground towards his goal, which is a cold box, a glass, some sticky-sweet liquid, and a straw; not in that order. The straw and the sticky-sweet liquid are brought into mutual understanding before the glass is able to take its claims for consideration and, as is the case this time, occasionally the sticky-sweet liquid has to go solo, lips and tongue alone being required to extricate the ambrosia from the neck of the bottle. Only the cold box, though not absolutely essential, remains a constant factor, because that is where the glorious nectar is kept.


Robin Bright


Teacher of English language and literature since ‘94 in Hungary, Poland, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Oman, Libya, Turkey, China, and Azerbaijan. Published in the Hungarian Institute for Educational Research`s Education, `Learning To Study`, Winter-Spring, ‘95.

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Science Fiction, Space Opera, Superhero

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