The Magical Flying Bird

The Magical Flying Bird

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The angels were fighting outside the hell. They were five in group and fighting by flying feather to go inside the fort of the hell. The fort was big in size and it was impossible to get inside the fort gate. But then also they were flying for the secret in fort gate. There were two men and three women angel. Inside the fort the magical flying bird was slave of hell king and his predator. All was rain of blood in the hell. The angels were felling curse. But the hell king and predator were enjoying and fighting the war. Out of sudden the spear goes inside magical flying bird and she died. Then the fort gate was broken and angels were inside the fort all were the predator. And the angels were fighting with own magic. The magic was strong in angel’s hand. They were throwing the strong magic on predator and all predators were dying. Now fighting the war, the angels reach at the hell king and magical flying bird.


Sudhanshu Shekhar


Sudhanshu Shekhar, a fiction writer.

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JustFiction Edition


Angel, magical bird, magical school, goblins

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FICTION / Science Fiction / General