Agony of a mother

The Story of An African Woman

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This novel x-rays the life of a typical African woman, which is a reflection of what many women suffer as victims of our society, particularly in the hands of men and their fellow women. Many will call it destiny or fate, while many also see it as the outcome of the patriarchal structure of our society, where men are always right. In most families where frustration and brutality are meted out to women, the worst victim is always the society. In most cases, children born into such families will surely learn not to love. And that was the case with Adigun, one of the two children of Adebimpe. There are many women out there, who will want to write their own stories or better still,who will want someone else to write it, so it could be documented for the benefit of others and posterity. AGONY OF A WOMAN is the story of Adebimpe, who is one of such women. This story is a combination of fiction and reality. Most of the names are fictitious, while the characters that are portray are real to a large extent.


Sunday Olawuyi


Mr. Sunday Alexander Olawuyi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics and Postgraduate studies in Development and Equality Studies from the University College Dublin. He is an author, a practicing entrepreneur, lecturer and Head of Department at the Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Vom, Plateau State, Nigeria.

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marriage and divorce, inlaw, physical challenge, petty trade, masquerade, tradition, Christianity, marriage, Divorce, agony of a mother, patriarchy

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