The story of Artaban, the fourth wise man

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Legend has it that there were four Magi. After seeing the star in the East, they left together, each carrying their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. The fourth carried wine and oil in large quantities, loaded all on the backs of his camel. After several days on the way, they went into the desert. One night they were surprised by a storm. Everyone got off their mounts and, covering themselves with their large colored mantles, tried to withstand the temporary refugees behind the camels, kneeling on the sand. The fourth wise man sought shelter by a shepherd's hut. In the morning, the weather clarified and everyone prepared to restart the march, but the Magi had been divided and Artaban did not appear anywhere. Meanwhile, our fourth wise man was facing a great dilemma when required by the elder. If he helped the good man with his affairs, he would be delayed from the caravan and could no longer continue with his comrades; he didn't know the way, and the star didn't give time to lose. But on the other hand, his good heart told him that he could not leave that old pastor like that. With what face would he appear before King Messiah if he did not help one of his brothers?


Adrián Sosa Nuez


Adrian Sosa Nuez (1986 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain), is a Spanish priest, theologian and writer.

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