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Louvre in an Elevator

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'Like everyone in the Twenty-First Century, Hurry Wankoff has an incredibly ridiculous name. He's also having a nightmare. The rhinoceros in the swimming pool in his head isn't wearing a condom. Hurry can't think why it should be sporting a prophylactic on its curiously misshapen horn - he just feels uneasy about it.' Hurry is the anti-hero of Sweaty + Palms, just a dip into the cheese so far as Apple's Pies & Druther storeys is concerned. 'The proliferation of Nozti Dethktop computers were a severe obstacle to overcoming the resistance of terminal patients, and there were the whacks in the ears as well as the bogies up the nose who were the allies of ’the spirit of Satan’ that, after killing the brain, remained deaf to the screams of the victim, and escaped through the anus in the name of the farter they all worshiped.' Snorter Paul Sup with an acidic comment from 'Pray Farter', and there's more ...


Robin Bright


The originator of SF Genie, New Lamps For Old!, published by the alldigital Amateur Press Association, an e-APA, for commentaries on science fiction and related cultural issues.

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JustFiction Edition


Science Fiction, humor

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FICTION / Science Fiction / General