Why any song won't do: community music practice and its repertoire

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Community music practice is about participation and ease of access. However, giving people what they want and feel comfortable with -for example endlessly reproducing their favourites- is a completely different matter and a rather superficial and one-dimensional one. With regard to Community Music's fundamental credo and aim, which is giving people (and especially less benefited or disenfranchised ones) a personal voice, the core of the argument moves to making this voice one with a heightened consciousness. In other words, one which reflects on Western world's mass production of homogeneous culture and recycling of stereotypes and juxtaposes a rediscovering of idiosyncratic, thoughtfully informed likes and dislikes. We talk about a personally expressed voice which celebrates and, at the same time, is being strengthened by a gradual formation of a communal identity inside a group. This voice and identity is fed by people's main fuel: high aspiration, and this is what should define standards of excellence in community art, in all art.


Mariza Vamvoukli


Mariza Vamvoukli has been brought up in Lesvos, Greece. BΑ in Musicology, 2 MΑ degrees: Music Edu and Community Music. Research fields: music improvisation, music & dyslexia. Teaches in Greek primary education. Main focus: intercultural community music groups. Founded in Lesvos “Polyphonica Aegean” children’s choir and “Cantalaloun” adults’ choir.

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community groups, social pedagogy, song repertoire

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