Physioanatomical correlation & clinical significance of Muladhar Cakra

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Present clinical study entitled “A critical study on Muladhara Cakra in Females, its anatomical correlation & clinical significance” comprises of conceptual study of Muladhara Cakra and to expose all the controversies regarding the anatomical structure (organs) related to Muladhara Cakra and its functions. On the basis of which a clinical study was designed to evaluate the role of interventional technique i.e.Mulabandha and Dhyana, affecting the Muladhara Cakra in cases of Uterine prolapse (mild grade) and urinary incontinence.Information generation was exhaustive from all available texts of Ayurveda contemporary texts and existing tools) and texts of Yoga .The tool developed by using modern methods of validation and standardization in reference to Muladhara Cakra and its applied aspect is the first attempt that has offered authentic tool for use by the medical professionals in general and the Àyurveda community in particular. MulaBandha intervention adds new dimensions to modern system of medicine to recommend specific Life-style changes with / without medications for prevention and cure of diseases.


Dr Sweta


Author has completed BAMS degree from State Ayurvedic College Lucknow in 2014, thereafter she got selected in MD Rachana sharira from BHU.Recently she is working as assistant professor in Apex institute of Ayurvedic medicine and hospital Chunar. She has written various scholarly articles and attended many national and international conferences.


H.H. Awasthi


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Muladhara, Mulabandha, Uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence

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MEDICAL / General