Impact of Lupin Seed Extract and Wheat Germ Oil on Type 1 Diabetes

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Diabetes mellitus (DM) belong to the major health problems causing mortality and morbidity in the world. Micro and macro vascular complications of DM can be reduced through the effective treatments of diabetes-induced hyperglycemia. Nowadays, approach for treatment of diabetes induced-hyperglycemia was directed to use the most potent, effective and safe natural medicinal plants instead of the anti-diabetic drugs to avoid their side effects on diabetic patients. In Mansoura University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, at physiology research lab we conducted two experimental studies aimed to investigate the nutraceutical effects of "Lupin" & "WGO" on Glycemic health and Type 1 diabetes in streptozotocin "STZ"-induced diabetic rats. Results revealed that lupin and WGO posses anti-hyperglycemic and anti-hyperlipidemic. Additionally, Lupin seed extract induced an up regulation of of Pdx1, Nkx6.1insulin, GLUT-2 & glucokinase genes expression. In the same trend, WGO administration decreased apoptosis of pancreatic B-cells that examined by immunehistochemistry of pancreas. Also, WGO decreased oxidative stress of pancreas, liver, testes and brain tissues of Tpe 1 diabetic rats.


Basma Marghani


Basma H. Marghani, PhD of Physiology "Oct.2014", Lecturer at Physiology Department-Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-Mansoura University, Studied all Veterinary sciences, A Guest researcher at University of Veterinary Medicine, Hanover, Germany "April 2015", Experience in RT- PCR, Elisa technique & Isolation, Expansion, Characterization of MSCs.

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lupin, Wheat germ oil, glycemic control, type 1 diabetes, diabetes complications

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