The holy Quran and Medicine

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This book has been written to those who follow the best and easiest way to be healthy and safe. Nowadays, researchers and scientists are looking for ways to treat the effects of religion and spirituality, and find scientific and practical ways to use this therapeutic approach. Mental health and life satisfaction are one of the characteristics of a healthy person. Therefore, the global effort to provide a suitable platform for disease-free life is not only focused on preventing and treating diseases such as cardiovascular, infectious, etc., but in addition to physical health, special attention should be given to providing a relaxed environment Inner calm and mental health of individuals. In general, the influence of religion and religious beliefs on the health of the individual and society is very important. Studies have shown that it is possible to rely on sound moral beliefs and practices that are favorable to a psychological state of mind and to bring a believer to a lively person who is always struggling, and in every cultural, social and economic context it is trying to best be its capabilities.


Dr. Mohammad reza Afroogh


Author has been teaching at the University and the Ministry of Education since 2002, holds Ph.D. in Comparative Religions and Mysticism from Islamic Azad University in Iran. Wrote several books on the holy Qur'an and the great family of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Specialist in English language and literature, published several articles and books.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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