CMOS Based Behavioral Model of MEMS Accelerometer

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The Micro-electro-mechanical system is the latest upcoming technology for the sensors integrating with the conventional microelectronics components and devices. The Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor is fabricated with latest lithography and other fabrication techniques. This research studied the accelerometer at micro level and its functionality. The Micro-electro-mechanical system based accelerometer exhaustive study carried, from the Capacitive type is taken into consideration. The capacitive type accelerometer is redesign and its behavioral model is designed using Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. The various study is carried out on that model like noise and power is calculated. The Proposed model is capacitor base and CMOS in which it is sensing circuit and comparator circuit is infused together, the output is calculated with the two voltages which shows the upward and downward motions of accelerometer. The MEMS CMOS Model is designed using Electronics Design and Automation and Spice Netlist is generated which can be used and interfaced with the other futurist models.


Deepika Rana


Deepika Rana has vast experience in research and teaching. Bachelor in Technology from Himachal Pardesh University, Shimla, India and Master in Technology in Electronics and Communication from Panjabi University, Panjab, India. Her research area is MEMS & CMOS Design and published more than 10 research papers in reputed journals and conference.


Birinderjit Singh Kalyan


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


MEMS, CMOS Design, MEMS accelerometer, micro electro mechanical system, Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, accelerometer

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TECHNOLOGY / Electronics / General