Christian Ethics and Labour

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Christian ethics is an important matter both in terms of thought and practice. Current academic moves and denominational Christian contributions have brought conflict resulting into the question of whether the Bible is the ultimate guideline to labour ethics or the church tradition. This book argues that, because Christian work ethics is based on God’s work ethics, Christians must be committed to some authority of the Bible for doing any work. At the starting point, the authors have traced the origin of work to God himself. Then the examples of how the Christians have gone ahead to do their work following the standards set by God is stated. This can even be seen in traditional attitudes to work before the spread of the Christian religion to other parts of the world including the Tiv of central Nigeria. The argument here is that, the Christian work ethics only found a substratum on which it grew. All these have led to the moral sensitiveness of Christian unity based on Godly principles on the divine nature of work. This book is therefore a must read by all and sundry so that we can salvage the negative human conscience that is destroying the world, work and its ethics.


Akwaki Numgba Akwaki


Akwaki Numgba Akwaki, MA: African Christian Studies (Ethics) at Benue State University Makurdi. Lectures at CRS department, FCT College of Education Zuba - Abuja, Nigeria. Also, Fidelis Appolonia Egwu, MA: Sociology of Religion at University of Jos, Nigeria. She lectures at CRS department FCT College of Education Zuba- Abuja, Nigeria.


Fidelis Appolonia Egwu


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Ethics, Christian ethics, Labour Ethics, Work Morality, Pauline work Etthics, Human Labour, Christian Labour, Christian Work, Genuine Labour.

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