Neurophysiology of Club Drugs

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Club drugs, such as amphetamine or MDMA, GHB and Rohypnol are illegal, unless the individual has a lawful prescription from a doctor which as coming then as medical prescribed. Some club drugs are always illegal, such as cocaine. A range of risks appear by using club drugs among youth especially. Cause disorientation and confusion just like same as Flunitrazepam, making as potential date-rape drugs. Cannot detect GHB in the body after use. It has significant and dangerous side effects at large doses of impaired breathing, coma, and death.They are frequently used at night clubs to get high feeling and energy. Drugs containing meth are very addictive. Might be mixed or cut to include meth. They act on the central nervous system to cause change of mood, awareness, and how people behave. These drugs are frequently abused by young adults at all-night dance parties, bars and dance clubs. Some of these drugs got approved for some medical uses like cannabis/marijuana in some nations. Yet as majority people are using marijuana, some regimes have approved it for treatment of severe forms of epilepsy. Even medical researchers need a special license to study it,


Kartheek Balapala


A renowned clinician and translational scientist, Dr. Kartheek Balapala launched Journal clubs at medical institutions around the globe and serves as an editorial board member for medical research journals. Devoted his career to translational research in Neural biology with a focus on mechanisms and clinical consequences of autonomic dysfunction.


Monica Mwenya Chirwa


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