The sources of occupational stress and it's effect on employees

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Occupational stress is stress caused by work-related factors which are detrimental to employees' wellbeing and effectiveness in the workplace. In previous studies conducted in Africa, 96% of teaching and non- teaching staff indicated that stress has negative effects on job performance and this is associated with psychological and physiological illnesses which occasionally affect their effectiveness in the workplace (Chukwuma, 2017). Stress is an issue that affects employees globally. This book shared light on the sources of occupational stress in relation to how it affects full-time employees in Theological Seminary. The purpose of the book is to create awareness on the menace of stress so that individual employees can adopt appropriate measures in managing occupational stress. Also, the leaders in the institution to be aware of the factors that contribute to stress so that mechanisms are put in place in coping with stress. Subsequently, for policymakers in the educational sector to evaluate established institutions to implement the policy that can help to improve the well-being of employees' for increasing productivity in the workplace.


Victor Priest Chukwuma


Victor Priest Chukwuma (Ph.D.) is a Christian educationist with a special interest in teaching in Christian higher education for the transformation of the character of students through the integration Biblical principles in teaching and learning process. He is a Nigeria, married to Felicia. He is a gifted writer,song composer and a singer.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


occupational stress, Employee Wellbeing, Job Effectiveness, higher education, stress management

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