The Reform Movement in Israel

Demography, Space and Society

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Approximately 60 years following the establishment of the Har-El community in Jerusalem, and 80 years since the first Reform attempt by German immigrants to integrate into and influence the Israeli sphere, Reform Judaism is still not a significant religious element in Israel, even among the secular-traditional public alone, which constitutes the main target audience for Reform ideology in Israel. However, the last two decades have clearly seen a gradual penetration of the movement into the heart of the Israeli consensus as a legitimate social-religious movement that at least tens of thousands of Israelis identify with and whose influence on what happens in Israel is strengthening and expanding into the areas of culture, society, politics and education.


Nikola Yozgof-Orbach


Nikola Yozgof-Orbach (August 6, 1984 in Safed) is a poet, journalist, researcher, doctor of demography, geography and literature, and a faculty member at Safed Academic College and the Academic College of Society and Arts in Netanya.He is a researcher in the Chaikin Chair for Geo-Strategic Studies and as a Research Fellow at the Herzl Institute.

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reform, Israel, congregations. Judaism, Orthodox

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