Managing Information Systems Initiated Organisational Change

The Case of the Banking Sector in Zimbabwe

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To all those change managers in the field of Information Technology, this book lays bare the keys to managing information systems initiated organisational change. Technology has become pervasive and a pertinent force in the history of human kind. Hence, it is now critical for the subject of technology management to be included in the general management theory. Technology Management is both an art and science that occupies a pivotal role in the success of organisations. Managing technology implies managing the technical, and human side of it, and the latter had proved to be much more difficult as personnel who introduces new technologies such as IT processionals and business executives are not well prepared for handling it. This book shares the choicest and most vital parts on how to manage the human component which has 90% contribution to the success of information systems initiated organisational change. Therefore, the greatest challenge in the implementation of information systems projects is in the area of change management. This book shares literature on change management soft skills that IT change managers must employ to increase the success of IS projects.


Louis Mondo


Louis is an Information Technology Strategist. He is a resourceful, strategic and hybrid leader with vast experience in IT Governance and Change Management at a very broad strategic level. He has championed digital transformation across many sectors such as education, telecommunications and banking. He holds a MSc in Information Systems Management.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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