Transatlantic project of Columbus

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Though Christopher Columbus was a genius sea traveler, his life was full of mysteries. It isn’t difficult to understand his purposes, but nobody knows which secrets he took to the other world. I think, I could find out most of his secrets. I’ll explain all of those secrets gradually. But first of all, I want to describe the traveler’s childhood and youth. After Columbus’s project was rejected by the “Mathema-tical Union” under the leadership of Diego Ortiz de Villegas, the king Juan II decided to send an expedition to the west of the Atlantic Ocean in order to check his project. The king and his advisers made this decision by common consent. At that time the “Island of Seven Cities”, Haldat and Anthelia Islands located in the west of the Atlantic Ocean were discussed in the Pyrenean peninsula and most countries of Europe. The king Juan II entrusted the Frenchman by name Ferdinand van Olmen known in Portugal as Fernando de Ulmo with realiza-tion of this work, he didn’t choose Columbus for this purpose.


Ramiz Daniz


The writer, researcher and publicist Ramiz Daniz was born in Baku in 1965. He has been a President grant holder since 2009 and he is a laureate of the “Golden pen” award.Ramiz Daniz was a participant of Karabakh war. He works in the Oil Refining Factory of SOCAR. 

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Christopher Columbus, “Mathema-tical Union”, Transatlantic project, king Juan II, Ferdinand van Olmen, Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli, Alonso Sanchez de Huelva, Abu Raihan Al-Biruni, Muhammad Nasiraddin Tusi, Martin Alonso Pinson

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