Sport and Corporate Governance in Uganda

The turbulence in the modes of incorporation of Sports Associations

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This book is focusing on sport in Uganda, Corporate governance and how the modes of incorporation of national sports associations affect the two afore-mentioned pillars. This is geared at demarcating the proper modes of incorporation that could simultaneously propel corporate/good governance and insure liquidity in the sports industry. The author analyzed the different modes of incorporation of sporting bodies in Uganda. Also he captures the doctrine of corporate governance, the rationale behind its development and the enormous benefits therein. This study illustrates how the prevalent mode on incorporation through Trust limits corporate governance in sport and the dangers mothered there from. The writer presents a comparative analysis of how the incorporation of sports associations is being handled in other countries or organizations and what the Ugandan jurisdiction can copy or desist from learning. The writer sums it up by presenting modes of incorporation that are not only injury proof but also fruitful for the entire sporting families in Africa and across the globe.


Kajja Timothy Kashami


Kajja Timothy Kashami, Sport and Tech lawyer. LLB Hons. Uganda Christian University. Kampala, Uganda.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


sport, Corporate, governance, Uganda.

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LAW / General