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Smart Mirror is a wall-mounted mirror, which displays relevant items to the user such as weather, scheduling, messages, and other fields of interest. The mirror will solve a problem that many people experience each day and night; getting information without distraction. Before bed, the user may want to know whether it will snow the next morning so they can plan their commute. When using a computer or mobile device, the user will often become distracted in other media. In the future, the user will glance at their wall to find that information instantly. It is the first device of its type to orient itself as a companion to the user rather than another device to operate. It also features spectacular voice control. When speaking to the device, it doesn't feel like dictating to a machine, it feels like talking to a person. The combination of these features is limitless.


Puneet Azad


Dr. Puneet Azad is presently the Head of Department and Associate Professor in Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering. He has completed Ph.D in Electronics & Communication from Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida and M.E. from Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering).

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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