Economic Opportunities of the Dairy Farms in the State of Eritrea

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The production and financial management in terms of number of lactating cows, total mature cow, pregnant heifers, growing heifers, suckling heifer calves, total replacement heifer, mature bulls/steers and total male cattle were different whereas dry cow, growing bulls/steers and suckling male calves, and per cent lactating cows to total cows and cattle were similar in different categories of SCD at Keren Sub Zone. Holding area of pasture was different whereas family labour, hired labour and the total land were similar in different categories. Daily milk production, daily milk sale and total income from milk were different whereas the number of daily milking, milk for the family and other uses, fed to calves, per unit milk price and milk sale and production ratio were similar in different categories. Total annual health care cost was different whereas annual veterinary and medical cost, daily forage and concentrate fed and its cost per cow, per unit price of forage and concentrate, total feeding cost and feed cost as per cent of income from milk were similar.


Awadhesh Kishore


Prof. Awadhesh Kishore is currently working as the Professor (Agriculture), ITM University, Gwalior, India. He is a renowned animal nutritional professional having three decades of national and international experience in the domain of academics, research, training, quality assurance, extension and consulting.

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