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This modest research is intended to bring an understanding of how meaning is created formally from within; and of how this is made possible from outside, by social conditioning. Self-referencing functionality of the individual psychic system makes this reality possible. As a result of coming from the époque of Sign to that of Meaning, self-reference of the individuality of the psychic system comes into the focal point for one observer. Practically self-reference is nowadays becoming central for the formation of social systems. We assume self reference of an individuality of a psychic system to be an autopoietic system, with simultaneity in social system functioning, which makes a human being a person. This double reference is the core of understanding, how the primacy of Meaning has shifted to become the primacy of Sign, an event which makes language a medium of the transmission of meaning. Behind whatever interpretation one may provide, it is a physical, ordered reality. No signification for it is valid indefinitely. The decline of conscience must be accepted as an indication of a new order. The world is renewed in every moment.


Mimoza Ahmeti


Mimoza Ahmeti is born in Kruja, Albania, 25/12/1963. She graduated post doctorate in psychotherapy science in Sigmund Freud University of Paris, in June 2017. She is lecturer of psycho social sciences with expertise in Meaning, Contingency, and Social Systems theory. Notorious for her poetry and prose, is published in different European languages.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


distinction, Indication, self reference, meaning, transpiring of meaning, communication, closure, référence à soi, signification, transpiration du sens, fermeture

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SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / General