Mastering All Petroleum Engineering Exams (Part 2)

A Bank of More than 1000 Practical/Technical petroleum engineering Q&A Reservoir Engineering Production Engineering Fluid Mechanics of Multiphase Flow in Pipeline Drilling Engineering

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This two books are perfectly suitable for petroleum engineers who are trying to do related tests for job and also other certificate e.g. Society of petroleum engineering exams. The author's worldwide experiences working with so many companies and being a part of educational system at many universities worldwide e.g. Middle East Technical university, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Petroleum University of technology, Bergen University and Australian college or Kuwait makes the book to be amazingly practical for all petroleum engineers worldwide. The authors and editor are wishing all the petroleum engineering students to take the most advantage of this book which does have lots of interesting and just practical and technical questions and to be able to do come up themselves to solve them and to be ready to take any challenging exams. The team of authors just remembering the time they were students and they did not have such an amazing book to practice with otherwise they could be much stronger than what they are today. Hope this book can change our beautiful oil and gas industry to make it much better and stronger with the best graduated well rounded petroleum engineers.


Masoud Rashidi


The Author Masoud Rashidi PhD Pet. Eng. graduated his PhD from university of Bergen June 2010. Since then he got involved in so many different international & national projects. He served working as petroleum specialist and professor at top oil companies and universities in the 5 continents and he used all his experience to publish these two books.


Fatemah Al Rasheed


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Petroleum engineering, exams, Fluid mechanics, two phase fluid mechanics in pipeline, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling Engineering, production engineering, reservoir rock and fluid properties, well testing, Well logging

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