Interfaith: Key to World Peace

Theological Jurisprudence

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This book tries to explore how, in the modern world, very diverse at the religious level, characterized also by strong tensions and violent conflicts between some religious groups, interreligious/interfaith efforts for mutual respect, tolerance and understanding, could help the quest for global peace. It is proposed, instead of creating violence, that the various theologies of religions throughout the world and their associated jurisprudence such as canon law, sharia, etc., can coexist peacefully. To achieve this goal and reach as many believers of all faiths as possible, it is suggested to add a preamble to all the fundamental theological texts and to base it on a common thread of divine inspiration contained in all the different confessions. At the heart of the peace initiative, it is necessary that all engage mutually in (a) (at an appropriate level and not superficially) the study of, and (b) a considerable effort to mutually understand their theologies and their principles, the canonical / religious laws.


Marie Danielle Selvon


Marie Danielle Selvon holds two law degrees from the UK and Australia respectively; an Advanced Diploma from the UK in psychology equivalent to a Bachelor degree; teaching qualifications plus experience in Canada; a Diploma in Sales in Marketing Management (UK). She was awarded a title of Doctor of Jurisprudence by the NMWD International University.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Law, Religion

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