Anticipating Attacks in the Luxury Field

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Security for personnel and goods in a store or a warehouse is first and foremost prevention and anticipation - avoiding being hit. It is taking the time to think how to counter future events instead of being affected by them. By foreseeing attacks or predicting them, one is given a valuable means to counter them or to prevent them altogether. It is far wiser to foresee an attack rather than responding to it whilst it takes place or dealing with it after it has occurred. Foreseeing or anticipating attacks means putting oneself in the shoes of the criminal. One must learn to think like them. In other words, one must constantly think as an attacker instead of a defender. Security managers must know what they are up against; who the criminals are, their new modes of operation if they expect to put in place the correct protective measures. Security is common sense, a way of life, a state of mind. It must be instinctive and not a constraint. Security may seem complex but in fact it is not. All that one has to do is to break it down into several parts and treat each part individually whilst keeping in mind the global picture.


Xavier Mac Donald


Graduate in criminology, Xavier MacDonald is an expert in safety and security for the protection of luxury goods for major companies and Regional Director at Goron Security. He worked over five years as the global security manager in one of the most luxurious and exclusive jewellery Houses in the world.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


anticipating, preventing robberies, attacks, thefts, luxury jewellers, high-end environments

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