Hospital data confidentiality

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Communication and storage of data is very essential to everyone all over the world, and some data to be shared and stored must be secured. In this book, we will develop the proof of concept of an encrypted patient database including a doctor user interface. It will help the doctor to insert a new patient, search information related to a specific patient and send some information to the physician. It will use mathematical cryptography methods to generate the common key infrastructure which will be needed for the storage, retrieval and update of diverse patient data in the encrypted patient database. The common key infrastructure will be also useful in decryption the snap-ins images that reside on physicians computer. Thus, data of a patient to be shared must be well encrypted and transmitted in a secure way.


Eric Nizeyimana


Eric Nizeyimana, the master's holder and researcher in the field of Cryptography, Internet of Things, Embedded Systems and some other related work of Computer engineering. He was an Assistant Lecturer at University of Rwanda, Department of Computer and Software Engineering. He is an IT Analyst at African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS).

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Encryption, security, Cryptography, Database

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MEDICAL / Clinical Medicine