A Biographical Overview of Guyanese Filmmakers between 2002 -2012

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Guyana’s filmography is one of the major pillars in preserving its heritage and culture. Information and records of its visual history through the medium of film ought to be recognized and easily referenced by budding filmmakers and generations of Guyanese to come. This study will be one of the first steps needed to create a database of Guyanese Filmmakers, in order to document and catalogue their works irrespective of their location, genre preference, and ethnic background. Essentially, this will serve as a reference point for present and upcoming filmmakers who would like to network, interview or bond with them so as to get a better understanding of their work and how it is done. This study will serve as foundational work for a more inclusive study that can be used as a developmental and institutional tool for the modernization of Guyana’s film industry.


Yaphet Jackman


Yaphet Jackman is a Brooklyn born, Guyanese bred award-winning filmmaker and the proud owner of Bent Street Films LLC. With a BSc in Communication Studies from the University of Guyana and an MFA in Film from Ohio University, Yaphet is on a journey to preserve and develop culture through motion picture in Guyana and the Caribbean.

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Guyanese Filmmakers

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