Logic and Reasoning

An Examination Of Symbolic Logic As An Improvement On The Defects Of Traditional Aristotelian Logic

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Is the traditional Aristotelian logic an exhaustive method for formulation and appraisal of arguments? What is the place of the modern symbolic logic in the formal system of logic? Was it really an improvement technique on the inadequacies of the traditional Aristotelian logic? Logic as a technical language was developed to take care of the defectiveness of ordinary language. And a good logic must be such that will avoid all phrases of ordinary language and be specific. However, argument which is the major concern of logic is made up of propositions which are communicated in ordinary language, this becomes a problem as it has been argued that the traditional Aristotelian logic employ ordinary language in its techniques for formulating and appraising arguments. And that the introduction of an artificial symbolic language which will eliminate the use of all phrases of ordinary language was necessary. Thus, the question as to whether the Aristotelian logic is adequately formal or not becomes imperative and also to see if the introduction of this symbolic language is justified or not.


Olajinmi Ojo


Olajinmi Ojo, B.A is a graduate of the department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, Ekiti State University. He is currently a financial analyst with Page International Financial Institution(PIFSL) popularly known as Page Financials in Nigeria.

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Philosophy and logic, Logic and reasoning, Traditional Aristotelian logic, symbolic logic, Formal deductive logic, Logical symbol's importance, What is logic, Definition of logic, Further immediate inference, predicate calculus

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