Christian Mission in Kamwe (Higgi) Area of Northern Nigeria, 1942-2012

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This work is an Ethnographical History of the Kamwe (Higgi) People of Adamawa State in Northern Nigeria. It examines the Christian missionary activities among the Kamwe people. The inquiry starts from 1942, the year that marked the beginning of the era of systematic Christian Missionary activities in Kamwe land and terminates in the year 2012, a time when there was a preponderance of indigenous clergy over their white counterparts in the area. Furthermore, using oral and written sources and applying the narrative and analytical tool, the study concludes by stating that the missionaries have laid a solid foundation upon which the indigenous Church has been built on. Finally, being the first serious attempt at documenting the history of the Christian Missionary activities in Kamwe land, this study has extended further the frontiers of Nigerian historiography which until recently has remained unexplored in this area.


Michael Bazza


Mike B. Bazza, PhD was a Catholic Priest for 22 years (1994 – 2016). He voluntarily applied to the Holy Father to be dispensed from his religious obligations and clerical duties. This was duly considered and granted, thus he remains in good standing with the Catholic Church. He is a prolific writer and has authored the book 'Boko Haram Terrorism'.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Christianity, Missionary Activities, ethnography, Northern Nigeria, Adamawa State, Kamwe (Higgi), Christian mission, Ethnographic History

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HISTORY / General