A Pastoral Perspective on Lobola Practices

From Research on Bride Price in the African Context

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This book investigates whether the Lobola practice (Bride Price), which is aimed at bringing two families together through marriage, has been distorted or commercialised. The book also investigates the correlation between the distortion and the rate of cohabitation in the Xhosa society these days, which is taboo in the African context. Based on the responses of the contributors, this study found that a considerably well negotiated Lobola settlement cost can help many African men settle the Lobola for the lady they love, thereby reducing the level of cohabitation in our society. This study did not also find enough evidence to suggest that the Lobola settlement practice has been generally distorted or commercialised. There were indications, though, which point to the fact that the African cultural belief in Lobola practice is under sever attack due to the influence of Western cultural beliefs and ideologies. A Pastoral Care model was formulated as well to take care of those who were emotionally bruised as a result of the issues of the Lobola settlement to find inner healing and regain a sense of selfworth.


Joel Uju Olisa


Dr. Joel Uju Olisa is a Counsellor, Pastoral Care Promoter and Life Coach. He attained a BA Honours Degree in Trauma Counselling (cum laude) at the University of Pretoria. He is a holder of the Golden Key of Academic Excellence.He is married to Alexandra Bose Olisa. They have been blessed with four children: Rachel, Raymond, Rhoda and Rebecca.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Lobola practice, Bride Price, Marriage, Xhosa society, Africa, African men, African Women, lobola, African Culture, Pastoral perspective

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