The Real Project of the Century

The Solution for Middle East Problems

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For the sake of building together a new and livable world, without the handicaps of the beliefs of some people who systematically seek to eliminate others to ensure their own salvation. When you have hate in your heart and nuclear weapons, Armageddon is not far away. The skid, say his followers is certain. They are hopeful of the imminence of its advent after a wait that lasted two thousand years. Thus there will be at least a real awareness, on the scale of the whole planet, and from which all the problems can be treated beforehand, with face uncovered, without simagrants and evasions, thus effectively. Above all, it must be realized that it goes far beyond the classic and habitual conflict of influences and interests and poses the problem simply of the survival of this planet.


Ezzeddine Bouzouita


Ezzeddine Bouzouita, activist for the New Universality movement within Peace and Prosperity International NGOs, AMAFU, CLAAF and EPAM, studied law at the University of Annaba, criminal investigations at EIDE Liège. Director and editor-in-chief of the Arab World Guide since 1982. Painter, historian and writer of speeches 

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Armageddon; MiddleEast; Bush; Palestine; Israël; Jesus; Catholic; Protestants; musulmans

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POLITICAL SCIENCE / Economic Conditions