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A wireless CDMA Card is used for Asynchronous Communication. The plug in data card is first detected and necessary voltage is supplied. The PCMCIA socket is programmed for memory transactions, the configuration of the card is read the PCMCIA socket is programmed for I/O transactions, the UART registers are configured. The modem initialization commands are send using the ATD # 777 command the Internet is connected. On receiving the “connect “message, than the PPP link is established The PPP uses the Link Control Protocol (LCP) to establish the connection over the data link layer. After the Link Establishment phase, the peer repeatedly sends an Id/Password pair to the authenticator until it is acknowledged or the connection is terminated. We use the Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) for the peer to establish its identity using a 2-way handshake. During this phase, the routers exchange IP Control Protocol (IPCP) messages negotiating options specific to the protocol.. IPCP negotiates two options: compression and IP address assignments. IPCP is also used to pass network related information such as primary and backup Windows Name Service (WINS) and Domain Name System (DNS).


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Woeking as Assistant Professor with industrail expericence of 10 years and academic ecperience of 19 years. Pursuing PhD in the field of Microwave Antenna design for Breast Cancer Detection. I am gold Medalist in my graduation , also received National Merit Scholarship.

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