Investigation of MIMO-OFDM System Operating Over Wireless Channel

Analysis and Modeling of MIMO-OFDM

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The performance of this model using PSK and QAM digital modulations for different antenna configurations is analyzed and evaluated under Rayleigh fading channel. MIMO-OFDM system can be implemented using higher order modulations to achieve large data capacity and remarkable enhanced performance. The main purpose of using high order antenna configuration is to increase the space diversity, which will further decrease the BER at given Eb/N0 as compared to lower order Antenna configurations. It is found effectively the diversity order increases as number of receiving antenna increases regardless the number of transmitting antennas, also the lowest BER can be obtained at highest number of transmitting and receiving antenna configurations. MIMO-OFDM using PSK modulation provide remarkable lower bit error rate as compared to QAM technique at same constellation and antenna configuration.


Yousif Ibrahim Hammadi


Yousif Ibrahim Hammadi was born in 1988- Iraq. He received the B.Sc.degree in electronic and communication engineering from the Universityof Diyala, Iraq, in 2011, the M.Sc. degree in Digital Communication fromUniversity of Cankaya, Turkey, in 2014, and the Ph.D. degree in opticalcommunications from University of Baghdad, Iraq, in 2019. His res

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


OFDM, MIMO, Rayleigh fading channel, Channel Order, BER

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TECHNOLOGY / Engineering / General